Andreas Wesa

Andreas Wesa

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First Name * Andreas
Last Name * Wesa
Username * wesa
Country * Sweden
City Göteborg
Nationality Swedish
Languages EnglishSwedish





I'm a 30-year-old artist who has been doing this for just about 10 years... and I love it! The school that made me is SOFE (School Of Future Entertainment).
And the town where I live and feed is Gothenburg...Here I work at Edithouse Film Works. We do full vfx productions in HD. We have the hole production line. Shooting with advanced riggs. Our 3D work is done in Maya Entertainment Suite, Cinema and Modo. We composit in After Effects and Nuke. Editing is done with the Smoke and Flame systems.

Want to know more about me or Edithouse? Just go to our website or send me an email.


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